About Us.


The Cotton Candy Co. unofficially started many years ago when Jeff's family bought a concession business. He grew up going to three different fairs in Canada selling many different fair foods and cotton candy was one of them. As his family sold the business, Jeff continued to work for a family friend during the summer months between school. His summer job turned into a passion, and his passion turned into a dream of someday owning his own business. 

After the birth of their first child, Annie Jo, it was their goal to have Kaylie be a stay at home mom. Being a stay at home was such a blessing to their family, but financially they knew it could become a potential problem very soon. They knew that in order for them to continue this lifestyle, they needed something to replace Kaylie's income. Thus, the Cotton Candy Co. was established in October of 2016 in Moorhead, Minnesota. 

The Cotton Candy Co. was started to bring smiles all year round. Explore their site to see what services they offer and what they can do to help sweeten your next special event. Follow along on our adventures by checking us out on Instagram and Twitter as well. They can't wait to be part of your next special event!


Jeff and Kaylie Risbrudt